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Data Privacy Act Consent

Kenny Rogers Philippines, its parent companies, subsidiaries, and affiliates collect and process your personal information to comply with legal requirements, fulfill legitimate and commercial business transactions, fully deliver services related to your transaction with us, improve our products, services, and processes, and enhance your customer experience. When applicable and pursuant to the aforementioned purposes, your data will be processed by our authorized service providers and carriers. These may be transferred to competent government bodies, courts, or regulatory authorities as required. Your data shall be processed in accordance with the Data Privacy Act (DPA) and its Implementing Rules and Regulations. For more information on how your data will be processed, please read the Kenny Rogers Philippines Privacy Policy at https://kennyrogersdelivery.com.ph/privacy-policy/.

By proceeding with this transaction, you confirm that you have read, understand, and agree to the Kenny Rogers Philippine Privacy Policy and the data processing purposes stated above. Please be informed that your rights to: (1) be informed, (2) object, (3) access, (4) dispute errors, (5) erasure, (6) damages, (7) data portability are fully respected by Kenny Rogers. You may opt out at any time by sending an email to dataprivacy@roasters.com.ph